Focused On Corn

Corn Is Our Business
Wyffels’ team of plant breeders and technicians concentrate solely on corn. The result, a level of effort uncommon in the seed business—especially among companies marketing seed for multiple crops. We intensely focus on developing hybrids for the heart of the Corn Belt.

Our targeted corn research gives corn growers rapid access to stable, high-performance hybrids with advanced genetics and cutting-edge seed corn technologies.

Knowing What You Need
Our plant breeders are not only charged with product development. They are also responsible for determining the agronomic characteristics and value-added traits corn growers need to be more profitable. Important to this process is the ongoing commitment by the Wyffels’ research team to direct, on-farm interaction with growers and seed representatives across the marketing area.

This is a unique approach in the seed business, but Wyffels considers it the best way for our corn breeding team to understand realistic needs and set selection priorities.

Beyond Product Release
Wyffels’ product evaluation program is the best in the business. Hybrid placement recommendations and performance expectations are based on extensive data and personal in-field observations by our corn breeders across many environments. Your Wyffels Seed Representative is an excellent resource for further information and trained assistance in selecting hybrids for your farm. The ultimate goal of the entire Wyffels team is to help you maximize profits from your corn acres.

Providing the Best Technology
At Wyffels we have access to the best technologies available. Our five full time breeders and our research technicians not only specialize in matching the best technologies with our products, they also focus on product performance.

Providing our customers with technology is one thing, ensuring these technologies provide superior hybrid performance on your farm is another. Our breeders ensure they know the most about the technology we license and how it will work best with our traits and hybrids.

Our independent research sites allow us to evaluate technology objectively, unencumbered by a parent or holding company. We need to bring genetics and trait platforms together only where and when our objective, first-hand knowledge says it fits. And we will remain completely focused on only those technologies which can best help you increase whole farm income.