Williamson Brothers Farm
3380 Highway 18
Ruthven, IA

Directions from Sioux City

Get on US 75-N from US-75 Bus N (5.7 Miles)
Take IA-60 N to 400th Street in Floyd ( 44.5 Miles)
Continue on 400th Street. Take 390th Street and 400th Street to 11th Ave SW in Spencer (43 Miles)
Drive to US-18 E in Freeman (12.4 Miles)

1 Hour 56 Minutes

Directions from Mason City, IA

South on N Federal Ave towards 1st Street NW 
Turn right onto 1st Street NW (1.2 Miles)
Continue on Winnabego Bay (.4 Miles)
Turn right on 4th Street SW (6.4 Miles)
Continue on US-18 W (81.9)

1 Hour 50 Minutes

Directions From Sac City, IA

Take Sierra Ave, 210th Ave and 310th Ave to US-18 E in Freeman (49 Miles)
Turn right onto US-18 E (2.8 miles)

1 Hour 3 Minutes

Directions from Jackson, MN

Head South on US- 71S/3rd Street Towards White St. (13 Miles)
Turn Left on IA-9 ( 1 Miles)
Turn right onto 310th Ave (8 Miles)
Continue on 310th Ave ( 12.9 Miles)
Turn Left onto US-18 E (2.8 Miles)

42 Minutes