Wyffels FastFill® boxes provide a safe, efficient way to handle large quantities of Wyffels seed. The boxes are easily handled by forklifts and have 4-way entry and sure-grip oak base inserts. Boxes will completely empty in as little as 30 seconds through a gravity flow center drain. FastFill® boxes resist impact and protect seed from moisture and rodents, and nest-down when empty to conserve space. Call your Wyffels Representative to reserve your FastFill packaging.

Remember: Always strap down FastFill boxes with two, 2-inch ratchet straps to transport. Do not stack anything on top of FastFill boxes except another FastFill box. Lifting equipment must be rated at a minimum of 3,500 lbs. Always use molded-in handles when assembling and nesting the containers. Lids must be secured during transport.