Wyffels Hybrids brings the most advanced seed corn technology to your farm better than any other seed company. It's our promise to you.

One thing that separates Wyffels Hybrids products from our competitors is the independent research and testing program they must each survive. We operate more test sites in our marketing area than other companies can or would. But it's essential to finding and commercializing the highest performing hybrids adapted to your local area and your local pests. 

These independent research sites allow us to evaluate technology objectively, unencumbered by a parent or holding company. They ensure we bring genetics and trait platforms together only where and when our objective, firsthand knowledge says it fits. We remain completely focused on only those technologies which can best help you increase whole farm income.

This is our recipe for truly innovative products. Following is more detail on the specific seed technologies that help us deliver on our promise to you.