ACCELERON® SEED applied solutions

All Wyffels brand hybrids with these technologies will automatically ship with Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions:

  • VT Double PRO®
  • Genuity® VT Triple PRO®

This treatment includes 3 fungicides:

  • Ipconozole
  • Trifloxystrobin
  • Metalaxyl

And one insecticide:

Poncho® 250 (Clothianidin) delivers early-season protection for your crop. It's a great option for protecting your emerging corn against cutworms, wireworms, seedcorn maggots, grape colaspis, flea beetles, chinch bugs and other early season pests. You'll also appreciate the ease-of-use and time-saving benefits of seed-applied insecticide. For more details on Poncho 250, contact your Wyffels Seed Representative.