as WYFFELS rib

SmartStax® (SS) is the most durable above- and below-ground insect control trait on the market. It provides multiple modes of action against a broad spectrum of pests— including European corn borer and corn rootworm. It also brings tolerance to both Roundup® and Liberty® herbicides. 

SmartStax as Wyffels RIB ensures refuge compliance in one step. Wyffels packaging already includes 5% non-B.t. seed that is also resistant to both glyphosate and glufosinate, so just fill the planter and go. NO SEPARATE, STRUCTURED REFUGE IS REQUIRED. 

Wyffels' advanced genetics and SmartStax® technology offer growers exceptional hybrid performance, unsurpassed insect protection, flexibility in weed control, and now, a single-bag refuge solution. 


SmartStax technology from Wyffels provides: 

• Multiple modes of action against a broad spectrum of above- and below-ground pests.

• Resistance to Roundup® and other glyphosate herbicides and to Liberty® herbicide.

• Reduced five percent refuge requirement, which is in the bag with Wyffels RIB.


Locate Wyffels hybrids with SmartStax Technology.


You should know:

• Insect resistance management (IRM) guidelines must be followed.


• SmartStax technology may not yet be registered in all states. Check with your local seed representative for the registration status of your state.

• Confirm grain market opportunities for specific traits with your local grain buyer.