Roundup Ready® Corn 2


Open the door to unsurpassed, broad-spectrum weed control with proven crop safety—plant Wyffels hybrids with Roundup Ready® Corn 2.

Grower satisfaction with the Roundup Ready corn system is outstanding. Maximum control of both grasses and broadleaf weeds is achieved, and the system offers excellent flexibility due to a wide window of application. Many growers report yield advantages over conventional corn herbicide programs. Check out Wyffels’ offering of elite hybrids with Roundup Ready technology.

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You should know:

• Single-trait Roundup Ready Corn 2 grain is approved for feed and food use in the U.S., Japan and the European Union.

• Some grain marketing restrictions may apply to hybrids that contain Roundup Ready Corn 2 technology combined with insect resistant traits.

• Confirm grain market opportunities for specific traits with your local grain buyer.