We'll share the risk

When you're facing a replant situation on your Wyffels Hybrids fields, we’re in it together. No one likes to replant, but it's good to know if you need to replant your Wyffels hybrids, we'll replace the seed at a reduced price.

The process is simple

Just notify your local Wyffels Seed Representative or Wyffels Hybrids (1-800-369-7833) in time for the field(s) to be inspected soon after the crop loss and prior to destruction.

Your Wyffels Representative will complete the necessary requirements to authorize replacement seed pricing. Wyffels will provide the hybrid, maturity, and kernel size as close as possible to your request, subject to availability.

This agreement is available to Wyffels customers only, up to the quantity of Wyffels seed delivered in the current year. Contact your Wyffels Representative for more details.